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  Siam Winerys Monsoon Valley Debuts Thailands First Screwcap Sealed Wine  

Siam Winery’s Monsoon Valley Debuts Thailand’s First Screwcap Sealed Wine Partners With Famed Stelvin™, Offers State of the Art Guaranteed Screwcap Closure “Strongest for maintaining freshness and aroma, perfect for Thai environment”.


Bangkok,September 2009 - Siam Winery, Thailand’s leading producer and distributor of Monsoon Valley, and other local and imported wine brands, is again setting the standard among Thai wine producers as it introduces Thailand’s first screwcap sealed wine with Monsoon Valley, recognized as one of the top new latitude wines.

Screwcaps for wine bottles were introduced in the late 1990s, and while there was certain resistance from traditionalists, screwcaps quickly gained acceptance as an effective high quality means of keeping wine sealed, fresh, and able to be served over time in varied climates and conditions. Screwcaps are widely accepted today in major wine producing countries such as Australia, where 40% of wine produced use the closures, while in New Zealand the figure is a dominating 80% of production.

Siam Winery is now launching the first high quality screwcaps in Thailand, using the state-of-the-art Stelvin™ screw cap, from the world’s leading producer of wine caps, on its renowned Monsoon Valley label.  Stelvin™, has been called the Rolls Royce of screw cap closures, having become the industry’s cap closure of choice. With many of the big name wine producers, including Beringer and Penfolds utilizing the Stelvin™ screw cap closure for wines of all price ranges.

“Why we have decided to make this change is very much due to our desire to provide a more convenient and effective way to maintain wine quality for wine drinkers and buyers.  Though natural cork closure has its own unique features, when considering the weather and storage conditions in Thailand in particular, a screwcap is proven to be much more effective, and clearly makes more sense” said Mr. Kim Wachtveitl, Director of Business Development, Siam Winery.

The new Monsoon Valley wines with screwcaps will be available nationwide from October 2009 onwards. The prices of the Monsoon Valley wines will remain the same at THB 400-750

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